80 hours

Arman Khan

Java/.Net /Php

JAVA/.Net/PHP Training

Asp.NET Java and php all these three are used as server side language in web development. Java and PHP is open source language. ... Net is a powerful framework. While is developed by Microsoft. 

Java is used many softwares and websites to make working of the software more easy. We use java to make server pages of the websites which are called JSP(java server pages) <br>

 PHP is also widely used server side language in web applications. It&apos;s used only to develop the web applications. Most of the blog providers websites are running and developed in PHP such as - wordpress<br>

ASP.NET is also known as the active server pages . It&apos;s a framework of c# programming language similar as the Java. With the help of .NET framework we can develop our website very easily.